why is ooze pen blinking red

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why is ooze pen blinking red

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Fri Sep 02, 2022 9:05 am

How to fix Ooze Vape Pen Blinking Red?
Time to Recharge. If you're drawing on your vape, and you see a blinking red light, that means it's time for you to recharge your battery. It's important to charge with the proper voltage designed for your vape battery.
These colors indicate the charge:
Red = Needs Charge.

If you own an ooze pen and it's blinking red, don't panic! This is a common issue that can often be easily fixed.

First, make sure that your pen is charged. If the battery is low, the red light may start to blink. Simply charge your pen using the provided USB cable, and the light should stop blinking once the battery is sufficiently charged.

If your pen is fully charged but the light is still blinking, try resetting the pen. To do this, simply press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then release it. This should reset the pen and stop the light from blinking.

If resetting the pen doesn't work, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance. In the meantime, try not to use your pen until the issue is resolved, as it may not be functioning properly.

In conclusion, if your ooze pen is blinking red, try charging it or resetting it. If neither of these solutions works, contact the manufacturer for further assistance. By following these steps, you can get your ooze pen working properly again in no time!

How do I fix my ooze blinking red light?
Authentic Ooze Smart USB Chargers should light up red when your vape battery is charging, and the battery light should light up green. When your pen battery is fully charged, the charger light should turn green and your battery light should be off.

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