ooze quartz banger 101: All things about this Ooze bubbler

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ooze quartz banger 101: All things about this Ooze bubbler

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Thu Sep 01, 2022 8:43 am

Why should you choose ooze quartz banger?
  1. Ooze branded 14mm quartz bangers are the perfect replacement for your rig.
  2. Quartz is the ideal material to use for concentrate rigs and accessories. It handles heat well, heating up fast and cooling off quickly. quartz bangers are superior to any other nail types or categories because they withstand extreme heat and ultra-low temperatures. When dabbing with cannabis concentrates, the design and features of the quartz nail offer excellent flavor without dulling.
  3. This mini rig includes a quartz banger, bubble carb cap, surgical steel dab tool, and Geode stash jar to hold concentrates.
How to use the Ooze Quartz Banger?
Just heat the quartz banger, drop in your dab (we suggest using the Ooze Hot Knife), inhale, and enjoy.
Quartz banger nails are a fan-favorite among dab connoisseurs, but many of them are lost when it comes to keeping them clean.

How to clean ooze quartz banger
If you are wondering how to clean a banger, here is our fool-proof step by step instructions to make it sparkle. Shake your Ooze Resolution Gel pouch, tear off the top, and open it up. Drop the banger or dab nail inside your resealable pouch. Seal it back up to avoid spills and let sit for 15-30 minutes.

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