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Ooze Piper Silicone Pipe and Chillum Review - Chad Wade TV

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Thu Aug 25, 2022 4:48 pm

Ooze Piper comes in 4 different colors. You've got a teal, a green, a black, and a rasta.
And most importantly, you get the lanyard.
The lanyard is so that you can put it around your neck.

View from Chad Wade TV

Rating: 10/10
I like this because it has a really big bowl. You could fit like half a gram in there.
If you're looking to smoke a little bit you can put it in here, if you want to smoke a lot put it in here. Then you can hit it.
But yeah, that one hits really good. It kind of has a built in screen on the bottom so it gets a really good pull on it.

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Ooze's hybrid hand pipe that doubles as a hand pipe and a chillum! Check out as we unbox and show you the different ways that the Piper can be used! We used the Piper for a full week before giving you our honest review.

A full silicone body means the Piper is virtually indestructible. One of our favorite features is the built-in screen on the glass bowl inserted in the hand pipe part of the pipe. It helps you get smooth hits every time. Pull the bowl portion off and the piper as a chillum. Attach the included lanyard and you're ready for any concert or hiking trip.

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