vaping 101: what is a nic bar?

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vaping 101: what is a nic bar?

Post by elfbar01 » Mon Oct 03, 2022 2:25 am

What is a nic bar?
The Nic Bar Disposable E-Cig is a portable and convenient AIO pod device. It contains 1.3ml of 50mg salt nic e-liquid. No need to charge, maintain, or refill. Simply throw it away once it is finished. Each pack comes with 1 disposable pod.

How many hits are in a NIC bar?
400 puffs
How long do Puff Bars last for? The new and improved Puff bar comes with a 350mAh battery and 1.8ml of nic salt juice. This gives you around 400 puffs which are quite a few hits before the juice is completely depleted and it's time to dispose of it.

By the way, the Nic Bar is not Elf bar disposable vapes.

How much is a NIC in a true bar?
The True Bar accommodates 2ml of E-Liquid with the nicotine strength of 2%.

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