Aveo Urth2, The Decomposable Vape Pen

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Aveo Urth2, The Decomposable Vape Pen

Post by Vincent_Ayar » Sun Oct 16, 2022 3:54 pm

Why Aveo Urth2
Did you know that it takes 100+ years for most plastics to decompose and batteries never decompose? Yet thousands of "disposable" vape pens are thrown into the dumps every day.

We've taken steps to change that, starting with Urth2. Urth2 is made of a proprietary hemp plastic carbon-negative renewable resource that decomposes completely in just 3 years.

We've also made the batteries removable so they can be recycled.

Save the environment without having to sacrifice performance and design! Give us a call to check out Urth2.

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