Yocan Uni Pro Review: only the best one on the market

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Yocan Uni Pro Review: only the best one on the market

Post by Yocan » Mon Sep 06, 2021 6:27 pm

Feedback on Yocan UNI Pro from Patrick

Dependable, Easy to Use, Durable Vape mod

The Yocan Uni Pro has never let me down and it's easy to use. I love the adjustable voltage and the 510 magnetic piece is very helpful. I've had mine for over 6 months now and I have recommended it to people as the easiest to use and in my opinion only the best one on the market. I bought the first one from a local retailer and I just ordered a 2nd one from the manufacturer. The overall performance is 2nd to none and durable enough to be run over by a vehicle twice and keeps on working, I didn't run it over on purpose but accidentally did. Both times I knew that I had broken the Uni Pro but both times I tried it after finding it, well it worked flawlessly and still keeps on working. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has asked about it and I guess the only thing that can be improved on it would be waterproofing it

Any time, any place, happy vaping with Yocan.

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