Yocan Kodo wont hit on

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Yocan Kodo wont hit on

Post by Yocan » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:02 am

Kodo yocan Charged until all lights blinked then turned off. When I double press nothing happens. When I hold the power the center light will turn on after 6 seconds, but nothing else happens

Please click the fire button 5 times to turn it on.
If you can change the voltage level when you click the fire button 3 times.
The Yocan Kodo's fast charging speeds which allow the device to reach a full charge in just less than 30 minutes.
The indicator light will turn off once it is fully charged.

Please can you try to install a brand new vape cart.
If it is still can't work, please contact our after sale team at service@yocantech.com

Any time, any place, happy vaping with UNI Pro.

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