Yocan have everything meet your vaping needs!

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Yocan have everything meet your vaping needs!

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Hey guys,
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This post let discuss the vape brand: Yocan.
Yocan have everything meet your vaping needs!
The original title of this post is Yocan Vaporizer Review (2019 Update), from MarijuanaBreak Staff.

Today we are going to be taking a look at Chinese vaporizer company Yocan. Vaping has become the new trend as of recent, and Yocan Vape is sure to have everything you could need for everything vape related.

Vaping, as opposed to smoking, has many benefits, which has made it a more popular choice for those wishing to still get the same effect without any of the downfalls of traditional cigarettes. First and foremost, there are no noxious odors. In fact, vaping smells sweet and delicious for the most part, and won’t ruin your clothes or walls. You also have greater control of nicotine levels and other chemicals, because you can buy the vape juice with the ingredients you want or don’t want and control how much you put in your body. There is also no combustion involved, which is a lot easier on your lungs and throat.

So if you are going to smoke regularly, vaping may be a good option for you! Especially if you are worried about any of the strong and lingering odors, the harshness of the smoke and tar from combustion, and other chemicals which you can’t control.

At Yocan Vape, you can find a large variety of box mod vaporizers, e-liquid vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and herb vaporizers. So with these options, not only can you smoke with the traditional vape juice, but also with waxes and bud themselves! Let’s dive in and see what Yocan Vape is all about – in this review we will give you all you need to know about this Chinese vape company.

Who is Yocan Vape?

Yocan Vape is a leading vape manufacturer and exporter with a huge variety of many different kinds of vaping apparatus. They are based out of the Shenzhen region of China. They pride themselves on offering vapes that eliminate the intake of most of the toxic chemicals involved in vaping and also on their top quality craftsmanship and standards that make Yocan, Yocan.

There is not a lot of information on the company origins, its founders, or background history, but it does seem to be a legit and trustworthy company. It does, however, have a US location in Chino Hills, CA, U.S.A., which will take care of all your shipping and customer service needs in case any problem or concerns come up. You won’t have to deal with overseas phone calls, emails, or shipping; so no worries there. Yocan Vape is also active on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, so they have an online and social media presence, and many followers and loyal clientele.

The products all seem to be produced in China, and the headquarters are in China, but as the US is one of the top consumers of the products, it has a second base in California to deal with wholesale, resale, and customer service.

Overall, Yocan Vape seems to be a trustworthy and reliable company producing a large variety of high-quality vapes. Despite being officially headquartered in the Shenzen area of China, they do have a large customer service and distribution center here in America! So you can be assured that they are not totally out of reach if you have any concerns or comments after your purchase!
Highlights of Yocan Vape

Yocan Vape is a company that many can say is their first choice when it comes to vape products.

Here are just some of the highlights of Yocan Vape:

Top Quality: Yocan Vape takes much pride in their high-quality vaping devices. It has a strict protocol that is followed in the manufacturing of all their devices, from the raw materials ordered to the ongoing inspection. Everything is meticulously inspected before being shipped around the world to be sold.
Patent Design: Yocan has a true knowledge of the technical components and aspects of the vaping industry. With its dedicated technology development team, Yocan has patented designs on its vapes.
Broad Recognition: Yocan Vape is sold and shipped to many countries around the globe. With its social media and online presence, many people know the trusted brand ‘Yocan Vape’ as their go-to provider of all things vape.
Certification: All of Yocan’s products have received CE, RoHS and FCC certification. Through these certifications, quality can always be guaranteed.
Many Partnerships Around the World: Yocan Vape has many partners around the world, from wholesale partners to resale partners.

My Personal Experience with Yocan Vape

My personal experience with Yocan has been pretty good. I bought the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer as one of my first products. It has been superb as a wax vaporizer. There is even a special little compartment for the wax/dabs. It was very straightforward to use, and came with an instruction manual as well. The vapor itself was also very silky and I could really taste the flavor of my wax. The battery, however, didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to, but still, it is overall a great product. The quality and build was solid and it did what it was supposed to do.

In addition to the Evolve Plus vape, I also tried out the Yocan iShred Vaporizer. This vape was great; it is one of the company’s patented products, with a lot of technology completely created by Yocan Vape. It contains a built-in grinder and stir pin. I no longer have to carry around a separate grinder, because the iShred vape can grind within the device itself. The LCD screen on the vaporizer tells you the temperature of the device as well, and will automatically shut off if it gets too hot, so it’s an important safety feature that Yocan Vape has thoroughly thought through. If you are a dry herb lover, you will love the iShred vape. It is super convenient and functional! It was also well-built and looks pretty sleek and modern. A definite must-have for anyone who would prefer to vape their bud instead of burning it.
Top Products from Yocan Vape

Yocan has a huge selection of vapes for all sorts of different substances. From wax, to dry herb, to e-liquid, you are sure to find a vape to fit you!

Their top products it has for sale are:

Yocan Evolve Plus: This is the original top hit that launched Yocan’s success as one of the top vape producers. This vape pen has a wax/dab compartment, boasts a sleek, minimalist design, and has a simple, no fuss operation. The vapor quality and flavor will be maximized due to its high tech and high-quality atomizer.

Yocan Vaporizer plus

Yocan iShred Vaporizer: The iShred vaporizer is the ultimate vape device for those who prefer dry buds over waxes and dabs. This vaporizer can not only vaporize your bud but also grind it in the same device. So no more carrying around a separate grinder, the Yocan iShred has got you covered!
Yocan Loaded: The Yocan Loaded vaporizer is the vape pen for all the wax/dab lovers. It is optimized for the usage with waxes above all others. Because of its special coils and battery that are made for the usage with wax concentrates, the Yocan Loaded will give you the best vapor and potency from your wax concentrates.
Yocan Hive: This vaporizer is one meant for those frequently on the go. It is travel size and offers magnetic connections for easy reloading and replacement of the atomizer. With this feature, you can heat up your oils, extracts, and waxes faster than ever before.

Yocan Hive

Dab Pens: The original box mod vaporizers. The vape box mod will support all your e-liquid, oils, and most cartridges in today’s market. It is compact but powerful, durable, and perfect for those searching for an affordable and reliable vape box.


Yocan Evolve Plus: The Yocan Evolve Plus will cost you $49.50
Yocan iShred Vaporizer: The Yocan iShred will set you back $79.50
Yocan Loaded: The Loaded will cost you $69.99
Yocan Hive: The Hive runs at $29.99, great for those on a budget!
Dab Pens: The dab pens start off at $20, but depending on the features you get, can go all the way up through $70

Final Thoughts on Yocan Vape

Yocan Vape is a company that many vapers look to for any of their vaping needs. With a huge variety of vapes to choose from, it doesn’t matter what you prefer: Waxes, dabs, dry herb, vape juice – Yocan Vape has got you covered.

With a large clientele around the globe, the brand has a wide presence and is active on many different social media platforms. It offers U.S.-based customer support. If you have any questions, concerns, or returns, the team is there for you!

With many different patents, Yocan has incorporated a lot of its own technology into its devices which cannot be acquired anywhere else, truly making Yocan Vape products unique.

As for the prices, the pens are not too expensive but can get pretty pricey depending on which features you are looking for. But they are definitely a good buy, considering how high quality and dependable the Yocan Vapes are.

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