Yocan Apex dab pen stop work

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Yocan Apex dab pen stop work

Post by Yocan » Thu Apr 01, 2021 2:36 am

Question about the Yocan Apex dab pen stop work, how to fix?
If you have similar question, please read this thread.
Hi, I got my Apex pen about two weeks ago from one of my medical dispensary’s. It worked well for a few days but then it just stopped working. I charged it for about a day and nothing. I tried to clean it and charge it more and it just won’t turn on. Occasionally it will buzz when i press the button 5 times but nothing will pop up on the screen and I am unable to take a hit.

Yocan Apex concentrate vaporizer pen charge via a micro USB port, and fully charged time is 95 minutes.
If your dab pen wont turn on after charge, I think your device is dead.
Please try to contact Yocan after-sale team at service@yocantech.com

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