Wholesale Yocan iCan e rig earn high profits

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Wholesale Yocan iCan e rig earn high profits

Post by Yocan » Mon Jul 08, 2024 11:35 pm

The launch of Yocan iCan attracted everyone's attention. It is a very outstanding representative work of Yocan e rig. Let me know together how to wholesale Yocan iCan.
Features of Yocan iCan e rig
Everyone knows that the traditional dab rig suction method is more complicated and the operation is relatively backward. The emergence of Yocan iCan e rig can perfectly solve the problems of dab rig. Let’s briefly talk about the important parameters and characteristics of Yocan iCan. Please refer to the Yocan manual for more details.
1. 1100 mAh large-capacity battery: With the support of super-large battery, there is no need to worry about battery life.
2. QBC Rotary Airflow Coil Atomizer: Its material is very strong and can provide continuous and effective stable output. The application of QBC atomizer is a major breakthrough in the vape industry.
3. 35 seconds long heating time (8 seconds preheat): As the heating time increases, it can meet the needs of most enthusiasts.
4. Adjustable voltage: retains one of the best designs of the Yocan family, satisfying the flavor requirements of novices and experienced users.
5: Transparent cup water device: Clearly see how the water in the cup filters the steam, filtering the steam to make it softer.
6: Yocan iCan e rig's appearance and size: Yocan iCan has 6 fashionable colors. The reasonable size ratio of the body allows it to be completely controlled in your palm. And it has a certain degree of portability.
Wholesale Yocan iCan e rig
Yocan's products are famous for their excellent performance and low price. iCan e rig is the best dab rig alternative. Its portability is unmatched by traditional dab rigs. Let's quickly sell Yocan iCan e rig to obtain high profits and capture the huge market of traditional dab rigs. You can click on Yocan manufacturer's official website, contact our online customer service, and fill in the supplier application form.
Contact information:
Wholesale: [email protected]
After-sale service: [email protected]
Review: http://www.yocan.com/r

Any time, any place, happy vaping with Yocan.

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