where to load yocan evolve plus?

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where to load yocan evolve plus?

Post by Yocan » Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:49 am

Load Yocan Evolve Plus atomizer is very easy!
To load your Yocan Evolve Plus, twist the mouthpiece to remove it from the body of the pen and expose the atomizer. Next, unscrew the coil cap to expose the heating chamber and load the chamber with your choice of concentrates. We recommend loading the concentrates directly to the coils but be sure not to touch the coils with your metal packing tool as it can damage them. Once your wax is loading in place, put the coil cap back on the atomizer and screw back on the mouthpiece. Source: tvape

And you also can watch below videos:

More questions about load yocan evolve plus, please comment below.

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