Question about the Yocan Torch coil.

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Question about the Yocan Torch coil.

Post by Yocan » Fri Mar 12, 2021 6:22 am

Here is a Yocan fan ask the questions about the Yocan Torch coil.
If you have similar confusion, please read this thread.

I recently purchased your yocan torch from my local shop. I have check the security number and all is good. 2 question. On your website it states you get a dual and a triple quarts element but in my box it says you just get the one. Is this an older model. And second. What coils do you use to replace with. I have afew yocans and non seem to fit and i cant find online. Is there a ceramic one you can use too. I guess thats 3 questions. Haha. Thank you for your time.

Yes, the Yocan Torch 2020 version comes with two coils.
Please check the package of your device, does it an older version or the latest version?

The Yocan evolve plus coil is compatible with the Yocan Torch battery.
If you want to use ceramic, you have to choose the Yocan evolve plus ceramic coil.
the package of the Yocan Torch.png
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