How to fix Yocan regen vaporizer wont charge?

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How to fix Yocan regen vaporizer wont charge?

Post by Yocan » Wed Mar 24, 2021 7:31 am

Hi, I purchased a Yocan regen vaporizer at “Smoke Wizard” a store near me and when I brought it home to charge it the charging port was crooked and the charger won’t go into the vaporizer to charge it. I called the store that I purchased it at and they said I had to contact the manufacturer. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

Please try to use a q-tip to clean the vape connection points.
Or change a brand new cable to charge it.

If your device still wont work, please contact our after-sale team.

Any time, any place, happy vaping with UNI Pro.

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