How to clean the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece Screen

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How to clean the Yocan HIT Mouthpiece Screen

Post by Yocan » Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:05 am

I have a hit Question I have the screen on the mouth piece keeps getting clogged with material. How can this be corrected

For the vape mouthpiece, you can use a q-tip to give it a quick wipe-down. If looking for a more thorough clean, you can soak the mouthpiece in a cleaning solution. For best results, use isopropyl alcohol when cleaning the mouthpiece.

When cleaning the screen, you will first remove any chunky debris that may be sticking to it. Please try gently blowing into the mouthpiece. If the clog is near the top of the mouthpiece, then carefully dislodge whatever is getting in the way. And, you will also soak the screen in an isopropyl alcohol solution. Then use a q-tip to clean it if you want a more thorough clean.

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