can you use yocan evolve plus while charging?

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can you use yocan evolve plus while charging?

Post by Yocan » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:38 pm

The Yocan evolve plus battery with 1100mah power capacity and a build-in dab jar to power your favorite atomizer.
The Yocan Evolve Plus has a built-in wax storage container for easy transport. It is easy to load with the standard push-button operation. The unit has no flexibility when it comes to temperature. The vapor quality is high due to the dual coil quartz atomizer. The flavor is good and the build quality is high.

So, can we use Yocan Evolve Plus while charging?
Charging is a snap, just two hours or less a pop, and with the Evolve Plus vape pen, Yocan uses pass-through charging technology, which means you can vape while charging. However, in general, a battery should be left to charge, and then used when it is done charging. Source: vape lab
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If you have any further confusion about vaping Yocan Evolve Plus or charging issue, please comment below.

Any time, any place, happy vaping with Yocan.

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