What is THCP? Legal, Benefits & Side Effects

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What is THCP? Legal, Benefits & Side Effects

Post by hhcvape » Wed Feb 28, 2024 6:01 pm

THCP flowers with a strong hemp scent and fruity tones of tangarine and banana from the popular brand Canapuff.
THCP flowers are a masterpiece of our growers, rich in the newly discovered cannabinoid THC-P. THC-P, fully known as tetrahydrocannabiphorol.

Is THCP Indica or Sativa?
THC can be found in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis plants in concentrations of 25% to 30%. THCP can be found in Sativa cannabis plants in concentrations up to almost 0.1%.

How does THCP make you feel?

Given its enhanced binding affinity to the CB1 receptor, THCP is considered to be approximately 30 times more potent than traditional THC. This means the effects can be more pronounced, potentially leading to a stronger, more intense euphoric feeling with smaller doses.

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