Learn more about VIVANT Dry Herb Vaporizer!

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Learn more about VIVANT Dry Herb Vaporizer!

Post by VIVANT » Thu Aug 25, 2022 10:26 pm

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VLEAF GO-the best portable on-demand dry herb vape pen with 3 temperature settings and a replaceable ceramic heater.
  • On-demand Vaping
    Session Mode & Instant Mode
    No Need Adaptor for Water Pipe
    3 Temperature Levels
    Replaceable Ceramic Heater
    Convection Heating
VLEAF- VIVANT VLeaF is a powerful hybrid pen-style dry herb vaporizer with a price under $50 for entry stoners. 5 temperature levels provide custom taste options.
  • Simple Yet Powerful
    5 Temperature Levels
    LED Light Indicator
    Built-in Li-ion Battery
    Ceramic Heating Chamber
    Suitable for Water Pipe
AMBIT- Vivant AMBIT is a portable temperature-controlled flower vaporizer with a convection heater and screen to offer quick heat-up time and efficient puffing.
  • Precise Temperature Control
    Quick Heating in the 30s
    10 Session Per Charge
    Water Pipe Adaptor Accessory
    Convection Heater
RIFT- VIVANT RIFT is the most powerful hybrid dry herb and wax vaporizer to improve the vaping experience on the go. Designed to optimize convection and conduction heating.
  • RIFT Heating Element Technology
    Removable Heater
    Three Sections- Can do Flower and Concentrates at the Same Time
    No Need to Use a Grinder to Vaporize Your Flower
    LED Screen
    Resealable Mouthpiece Reduces Odor and Prevent Dust Build-up the Air Pathway
ALTERNATE- VIVANT ALTERNATE is a convection and conduction hybrid flower and wax vaporizer with the first replaceable 18650 battery and precise temperature control.
  • Full Convection Hot Air System
    High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger
    Replaceable and Rechargeable 18650 Battery
    Super Precise Temperature Control
    Automatic off Feature
    Airflow Control with Reverse Flow Protection
    OLED Display

A Vaporizer Brand Based in Orange City

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