Dr dabber switch with leaf and oil - Chrissy Harless

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Dr dabber switch with leaf and oil - Chrissy Harless

Post by vapeuk » Sat Dec 03, 2022 11:57 pm

Is the DR dabber switch worth it?
In my experience, this is a much better device to use with concentrates than with flower. I've done a lot of dabs in my life, and none of them have been as smooth or as flavorful as the ones that I've hit from the Dr. Dabber SWITCH.
Is Dr. Dabber better than Puffco?
Both the Puffco Peak Pro and the Dr. Dabber Switch represent the best amongst dab rigs. They both produce excellent vapor that's well balanced in both its flavor and density. With both of them priced at $400, it all comes down to deciding if you'd prefer a smaller dab rig or a larger one.

The Dr Dabber Switch's performance is a show on the speed, precision and effectiveness of induction heating. The patent-pending induction technology allows the device to heat to any temperature from 300°F to 800+°F in a record 3-4 seconds. That's leagues faster than any of the convection or conduction vaporizers today.

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