RELEAFY Slidr dab vaping in HOTEL ROOM - Erick Khan

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RELEAFY Slidr dab vaping in HOTEL ROOM - Erick Khan

Post by vapeuk » Fri Jul 29, 2022 8:04 am

RELEAFY Slidr is an electronic nectar collector, aka dab straw, featured with a slide switch that enables user to switch between flavor mode and cloud mode.
It's a portable electric vaporizer for vaping all types of your material.
Releafy Slidr Kit offers a built-in wax jar with a 350mAh battery, 2 operational modes, and a coil self-cleaning setting.

RELEAFY Slidr Features:
Dimensions: 17.6mm x 12mm x 135mm
350mAh Battery
Variable Voltage 3.2V and 3.8V
Quartz Coil - Isolated Airpath
Self Cleaning Coil

Powered by an integrated 350mAh battery, it features flavor mode with 3.2V and cloud mode with 3.8V for vaping throughout the day.

RELEAFY Slidr vaping HOTEL ROOM DABS from Erick Khan

Releafy SLIDR is recommended for its simple yet practical design, moderate strength, ... Primarily works as a single function as a nectar collector.

Simple yet practical design;
Moderate strength;
Easy to use;
Very discreet;
Fair price.

Short battery life
Higher voltage settings can taste harsh

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