voopoo vinci air review

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voopoo vinci air review

Post by vickydeng » Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:48 am

VOOPOO Vinci AirVinci Air from Voopoo, with a slimmed down profile and refined ergonomics. Is it for the better? What if any other changes have been made? Let's find out.

It is Smaller & More Feature-Rich Than Vinci
- elegomall

The Voopoo Vinci Air is one of several pod mods from the Voopoo Vinci lineup. Taking a step back in power, just 30W, this pod mod kit works.
-Spinfuel VAPE

The VOOPOO VINCI AIR is the smallest and most lightweight member of the award winning VOOPOO VINCI series of pod mods.
-Giant Vapes

The Vinci Air expands the Vinci line from Voopoo even further. While a much slimmed down profile, the Vinci Air retains the elegant look of the Voopoo

The Air has a maximum wattage output of 30W, a 900mAh built-in battery and two airflow modes.The Voopoo Navi was great but the Vinci Air is smaller.

The Voopoo Vinci Air is a smaller version of the Vinci VW which uses PnP coils, with a 900mAh internal battery and 5-30W VW output.

The VOOPOO VINCI AIR Pod System is an extremely small and ultra-portable device. It's perfect for on the go vaping. It measures in at just 100.9mm's by 27mm's by 18mm's and is remarkably 30% thinner than previous VINCI models. This is lower than the original VINCI 40W Pod, but it's more than enough for MTL vaping.

- Modswevapemods
VOOPOO VINCI AIR Pod System Review | We Vape

As the latest member of the Vinci line, the VooPoo Vinci Air is a great addition. It has most of the features that made the previous Vincis great, but also a lighter, more compact body that's easy to carry around and hold in the hand. It's a next-level pod system, and I love using it!
- vaperanks

The Voopoo Vinci Air is the most pocketable vape of the Vinci line. It is a capable of 30 watts, comes with a 900 mAh battery.
- vaping 360

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Re: voopoo vinci air review

Post by vickydeng » Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:04 am

draw-through/auto feature


screen is pretty small

What’s in the Box

Vinci Air Device (Zinc Alloy)

Vinci Air Pod (4ml/2ml EU)

Pnp-R2 mesh coil, 1.0 Ohms 10-15W

Pnp-VM4 mesh coil, 0.6 Ohms 20-28W

USB Charging cable

User manual

Warranty card


Size: 27x18x100.9mm

Power range: 5-30W

Battery: 900mAh internal

Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V

Charging Voltage: 5V/1A

Resistance range: 0.45-3.0 Ohms

Security Protections

Overtime protection

Over Temperature protection

Output Over-current protection

Overcharge protection

Low Battery protection

Atomizer Short-circuit protection

Max Power protection

(So much protection that Trojan-man is getting a run for his money)

The Vinci Air’s screen is pretty small, but it still displays all your basic info clearly and brightly(Battery meter, puff counter, Watts, Ohms). The buttons are clicky and responsive, no second guessing if that click actually changed anything. Like the Navi, the Air has a draw-through/auto feature. Unlike the Navi though, the Air’s auto is paired with a push-fire. So you’ve got the basic push-to-fire(P) and auto/push-to-fire(A&P) modes. (P) mode lends itself better to dtl style vaping, while (A&P) is almost exclusively mtl(you kinda don’t have a choice unless you push fire to get the auto started). These two modes had more of an effect on the way I vaped with different coils, than the coils themselves did. Kind of a bummer but at the same time it makes coil choice a lot more simple.

Since I’m comparing the Air to the Navi anyway, between the two, the Vinci Air seems more user friendly and more accessible for a new vaper. The Air’s controls are very simple and easy to navigate, it’s very portable(even compared to the Navi), the Air’s pod is much easier to check your eliquid level and refill. With the Air’s 4ml pod, chances are you’ll have to recharge it before you need a refill(unless you’re a hopeless chain-vaper like myself XD). To be honest, I was unsure if the 900mAh battery would have enough juice to compete with the other Vinci’s. I had nothing to worry about. The Air lasts me a full shift(8-10hrs) no problem, but it does go back on the charger once I’m home. Does it need a bigger battery? No. Especially since this nifty little mod charges in less than an hour.

The Vinci Air’s additional air flow seems to really help the coil life as well as making for an easier and cooler vape experience. Even with the additional airflow, this device isn’t meant to be a cloud machine which is nice. If you really wanted to, I’m sure you could fog up a room,but you may pass out first.

Like Voopoo’s other pod-mods(Vinci,Vinci X, NAVI, etc) the Vinci Air can use any of their PNP coils. The downside to the Air is that it’s pod isn’t interchangeable with previous Vinci models.

The Vinci Air won’t replace my mods with removable batteries. But I’m a fan of a quick battery swap instead of downtime waiting on my mod to charge. It has for sure earned itself a place in my work mod rotation though. It may altogether replace my Vinci X as a work mod. The Air has also been added to my list of devices I’ll recommend to new vapers.

Full disclosure, Voopoo sent me this device. Really cool, but I didn’t pay for it.


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