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Velxtech: High quality CBD Cartridge/Batteries. Velxtech is the new way of vaping CBD! In this post, I would like to introduce you to this brand specialising in vape devices for CBD e-liquid. VelxTech Background Velxtech is a sub-brand by Geekvape created in 2019.

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Re: Vaping CBD Oil on the Velx Prism! | Vape Lounge

Post by Vynnetanon » Sat Oct 30, 2021 1:26 pm

Hello. I have never tried vaping cbd, but I still have everything ahead of me. I am very impressed with the effect that cbd oil gives in drops. I bought cbd oil on the Blessed website in the hope of getting rid of anxiety and it gave a great effect. Now I have confidence in myself and don't worry about trifles at all.

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