How to Get Rid of Weed Smell From Your Clothes, House, and Car After Smoking

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell From Your Clothes, House, and Car After Smoking

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell From Your Clothes, House, and Car After Smoking
by Nayomi Neelangal August 22, 2022 5 min read
Marijuana odor, depending on your environment and the people around you, is one of those scents that people either can’t get enough of or can’t stand. Even if you use cannabis in the privacy of your home, you may need to be mindful of lingering dankness on your clothes, in your bedroom, or in your vehicle—particularly when there are children and neighbors in the vicinity.

This article offers suggestions for recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers (21+ and up!) who don’t know how to get rid of obvious weed smells and smoke.

How to get rid of weed smell from a room

From a scientific perspective, the pungent, gassy odor characteristic of marijuana comes from over 200 hundred aromatic compounds called terpenes. Common types you might see on cannabis packaging include:

Pinene (fresh forest)
Limonene (citrus)
Caryophyllene (spice)

Additional research indicates that volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are responsible for the “skunk-like” aroma many people associate with cannabis.

Now that you know why your buds smell, let’s get into the specifics on how to clear the air of these smelly cannabis compounds. Ideally, plan on giving yourself plenty of time to ventilate and disguise the smell of smoked cannabis. If you need a quick exit strategy, these tips can come in handy too:

Get a fan: An overhead ceiling or table fan keeps the air in a room moving, making it easier to circulate clouds of dense smoke. A bathroom ventilation system may work. Some people find that shower steam breaks up trapped smoke, but this isn’t a guaranteed method. Using a fan also raises the risk of spreading the smell to other rooms. See the next point.
Open a window: If possible, crack a window, blow the smoke outside, and keep the fan pointed in the same direction. This is one of the best ways to air out a small room.
Light incense or candles: It makes sense—these items emit smoke and fragrance, plus they might blanket cannabis odor, draw attention away from the source, and fool unsuspecting noses. Get the flame going before you smoke for the best results.
Smoke through a filter: Internet forums waver on the effectiveness of this method, but it’s worth a try. Known in the cannabis community as a “sploof,” you simply attach a dryer sheet to a toilet paper roll with a rubber band, inhale from whatever you’re smoking out of, and blow the smoke through the dryer sheet funnel.
Tidy up your area: If you’re smoking dry herb, chances are you have surfaces covered with ash or weed debris. A quick wipe-down could also help with stale weed air, especially if you use an all-purpose cleaner, bleach, or scented mop pad. For people who prefer “green” products, the Environmental Working Group gave high scores to versions made with essential oils from lavender and eucalyptus.
Aerosol sprays: In a pinch, you always have the option of spraying your favorite air freshener scent. We can’t guarantee that it’ll completely take away skunk weed smells, but an air freshener could revive the room with a pleasant layer. Consider trying everything on this list first and then using a spray as a final touch once you’re done smoking.

One last friendly reminder: stash your buds in a smell-proof bag or container, like this one. When stored incorrectly, fresh and old buds definitely stink up a room. Consider placing your sealed, airtight container in another secret place under lock and key to stay on the safe side.

How to get rid of marijuana smell from your car

We don’t condone “hotboxing” (smoking out a vehicle) here at Vessel, but we do have a few tips for those who smoke outside the car (preferably passengers):

Hang a car air freshener: You know those colorful tiny trees people hang around their rearview mirror? Post-smoke, cannabis odor on your clothes, hair, and breath can overtake tight car spaces. A new car-scented air freshener may help prevent lingering dankness (also try: perfume/cologne spritzes and mouth sprays).
Roll the windows down: Airflow, need we say more? (You get the point.)
Detail the inside: Take your pick: head to a DIY car wash or hire a professional. You can usually get persistent odors out by vacuuming and detailing. A little elbow grease goes a long way here if you borrowed someone else’s car and don’t want to return it smelling like cannabis.
Perfect your storage system: Transporting your stash also raises the risk of car cannabis odors. When in doubt, keep your buds in an airtight container or case in the trunk.
How to get rid of cannabis smell from your clothes

Not everyone wants to walk around smelling like they just came from a dispensary. Here’s what you can do to de-weed your clothes:

Body spray: Pick the scents that appeal to you! There isn’t one particular scent that covers up weed “the best,” but essential oils like earthy patchouli, sage, or tea tree may help counteract the muskiness of cannabis. Lathering lotion on your arms is another added measure to consider.
Change your shirt: Come prepared: one for the smoke sesh and one for the road.
Wash and dry: Time permitting, you can never go wrong with a deep soak and tumble.
Best products for eliminating weed smell
Head shops generally have a lot of weed odor eliminators in stock. Check your local dispensary, too, because they often carry an assortment of sprays, candles, and smell-me-goods geared towards cannabis connoisseurs.

The way you smoke affects the intensity of weed odor. Bong hits create more smoke than one-hitters, for instance. Speaking of one-hitters, these little devices are another clever way to reduce weed odor since they only hold enough for a puff or two. Vessel’s dry herb kit comes with a one-hitter, inverted lighter, smell-proof case, and storage container (everything you need to stay organized and ahead of smells).

To sum it up
Determining the best way to deter weed smells is a game of experimentation. People who don’t have the luxury of smoking outdoors may find success with candles, high-powered fans, cleaners, and one-hitters.

Even though we live in more accepting times, remember to be considerate of others when you’re smoking, especially since cannabis triggers allergies in some. For safety reasons, try to smoke in a stationary, non-public place.

How long does the smell of weed last in a room?

It depends on how much and how long you smoke, but typically two to five hours with ventilation.

Do odor eliminators work for weed?

Some commercial odor eliminators might be able to tackle lingering dankness on fabrics, carpets, and clothes. Typically, though, it's the air that needs purification. An open window and a fan get the job done.

How far does weed smell travel?
Smoking outdoors with no wind, you can probably expect your neighbors to catch an odor several doors down (in apartments). Homeowners without a fence should know that weed clouds may travel many miles.

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