4.5 Gram THC Disposable by Delta Extrax

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4.5 Gram THC Disposable by Delta Extrax

Post by DeltaExtrax » Mon Jul 10, 2023 9:40 am


I couldn't agree more with you. This industry has such work. I am super tired of all these companies lying about what thcs in the product. This stuff needs to be regulated like everything else. I don't think they should be illegal but there needs to be rules and regulations on this.

Another thing that needs to change is companies, Delta Extrax is a prime example, and that product specifically. They advertise it as THCa and THCp but it’s 80% Delta 8 and like .5% THCp and at max 2% THCa depending on the strain. My favorite companies are probably Vivimu, HC8 and Gilded Extracts. Most every other company is either lying or put half a percent of an noid. I like HC8 the most because they list their percentage blends. Like their % is higher than all the smoke shop boof ones. Comparetheir 5% HHCP-O and 5% HHCP to other companies that include like 1% max HHCP and fill the rest with Delta 8 or HHC. Binoid is prob the worst their COAs are just for bulk products never their blends or actual products. Like their 5G dispo all the COA says is 30% THCa and you just have to guess what the base noid is and how much HHCP-O/THC-P is really inside.

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