Vape 101: what is ooze pen

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Vape 101: what is ooze pen

Post by danny_hannawa » Sun Sep 25, 2022 9:10 am

What is an ooze pen used for?
What Are Ooze Pens For? Ooze Twist pens are for vaping nicotine liquids and THC/CBD oils. Rigs and box mods are the best pieces of equipment for vaping THC, CBD, and nicotine liquids, but pens are more portable and less expensive.

Are ooze pens for tobacco?
Based in Michigan, Ooze is a brand that every vaper should know about. Since 2007, they've been making high-quality vaping products that satisfy the most discerning of individuals. Their products are ideal for both tobacco and essential oils, and the brand is perhaps best known for its affordable pricing.

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