Ooze X Stache ConNectar How to

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Ooze X Stache ConNectar How to

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Tue Aug 23, 2022 4:29 pm

ooze nectar collector 101
Do you know how to use the Ooze X Stache ConNectar? Read on.

Works with most 510 thread vape batteries, most 510 battery fan recommend the Ooze Slim Twist 2.0 vape batteries.
  1. Easy Assembly
    Screw the coil base onto the battery like you would with a cartridge.
  2. Then screw the clapton coil tip on, and it's ready to dab.
  3. Make sure your 510 battery's temperature is turned up hot enough to dab.
  4. Press the battery button and watch for a bit of smoke to release from the coil tip.
    Then you know it's hot enough.
  5. To dab, insert directly into your wax jar.
    Touch the concentrate on an angle to get the most airflow possible.
  6. Replace the magnetic cap as soon as you're done to protect yourself from burns.

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to use the Ooze x Stache ConNectar, a unique vape attachment that instantly transforms any 510 thread vape battery into a nectar collector!

The Ooze x Stache ConNectar works with most 510 thread vape batteries but, we recommend pairing it with the Slim Twist! It is super easy to assembly, simply screw the coil base onto your battery just like an oil cartridge. Next, slide the plastic straw over the top of the coil and push it into place. Now, just screw your Clapton coil tip onto the top of the straw and you are ready to dab! Make sure your battery is at the right temperature, press the button, and when smoke releases from the tip you’re ready to rip!
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