Ooze Weeper XL is easy on the throat

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Ooze Weeper XL is easy on the throat

Post by Vincent_Ayar » Tue Oct 04, 2022 5:26 pm

Ooze Weeper XL Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit features a hand-blown glass water bubbler made with a percolator for cooler and smoother hits. The Ooze Weeper XL kit includes a 650mAh battery, 2 dual quartz rod and titanium coil atomizers, a USB charging adapter, a silicone container, a dab tool.

What's in the Ooze Weeper XL package box?
one Stretcher XL attachment
one 650 mAh battery
two dual quartz coils
one carrying case
one silicone containe
one dab tool
one USB charger

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