ooze quad pen not working

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ooze quad pen not working

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Thu Sep 01, 2022 8:37 am

ooze quad pen flashing 10 times
One of the most common reasons your ooze quad pen is blinking green is because the battery has died and needs to be charged. When your Ooze vapor battery is dead, please try to charge it.

How do you fix an ooze quad pen that won't hit?

First of all, please check the connection.
The connection is bad. Adjust the connector in the cartridge with a set of fine tweezers or the connector in the pen which probably screws up or something

Then, try to clean ooze quad pen.
Use a cotton swab to scrub the connection point of the ooze quad pen battery and the bottom of the cartridge. It needs some sort of cleaning solution, so you can either dip the q-tip 91% isopropyl alcohol or use a Res Wipe from Ooze Resolution.

When will the Ooze Quad pen full charged?
Once the indicator light goes green or turn off, unplug your pen from the charger (your ooze pen battery is now fully charged).

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