OOZE Movez 101: How to use a 510 vape battery?

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OOZE Movez 101: How to use a 510 vape battery?

Post by Vincent_Ayar » Mon Nov 21, 2022 6:35 am

Have you use a 510 battery with a Wireless Speaker Vape Battery? While picking out a new 510 battery recently, I discovered Ooze Movez, that snail-shaped music player! Has anyone used it?

Ooze Movez combines a wireless speaker and a 510-thread vape pen. It features one standard 3.7V voltage and auto draw. The Ooze Movez is a fun vaporizer that has a built-in wireless speaker that connects to a smartphone to play music.
650 mAh Battery
snail-shaped music player
510 thread

Ooze Movez, More than a novelty

The Ooze Movez portable speaker/vaporizer adds is the perfect partner for parties, festivals, outdoor adventures


Why does it keep doing that every time I keep hitting this turns it off?
Please do not hold the button when you inhale, the button just for connect it with your phone.
So, just inhale once you install your oil cartridges.
Have a nice day.

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