Ooze Hot Knife Help You Handling Concentrates Much Easier

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Ooze Hot Knife Help You Handling Concentrates Much Easier

Post by danny_hannawa » Sun Aug 14, 2022 5:43 am

The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool that makes handling any type of concentrate so much easier.
Why you should use Ooze Hot Knife?
The Ooze Hot Knife was designed to take the headache out of what should be a simple ordeal: get the wax into the banger or coil
The Hot knife by Ooze was an accessory designed to be taken everywhere!
It is a great idea executed perfectly, and it's simplifies the dabbing process.
Instead of carrying a clunky new tool, this screws right onto any pen-style 510 thread batteries.
Concentrates are always hard to deal with whether it is getting stuck to your dab tools or being hard to cut through. With the Hot Knife connected to any 510 threaded battery, you can cut through hard concentrates like butter. You can also just heat it up a bit so that your concentrate can just fall right into your nail, cup, or coil. It warms it up enough to be malleable without losing any of your concentrates. It is super easy to connect to a battery and use, It also has a cap so that it can stay clean and safe.

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