Ooze globe attachment oil burner globe review from killerenvy

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Ooze globe attachment oil burner globe review from killerenvy

Post by danny_hannawa » Sat Aug 13, 2022 5:05 pm

Ooze globe attachment View from killerenvy

It's really up to you guys but i would suggest getting a Yocan evolve Plus XL.

it fits right on the regular old ooze mod.
the size of the globe and you could get a really good cloud.
usability and performance is good.
the coil is cheap and the pen is cheap

no oil cart fit it.
Waste wax

There is a quartz coil for Ooze globe attachment oil burner.
It's awesome in construction but it uses a lot of energy wax.

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Register Your Slim Twist to Activate Your Warranty. Locate the authentication code.
Attach Your Cartridge. Screw your 510 thread oil.
Select Your Temperature. Turn the dial on the bottom to.
Power It Up! Click the button 5 times to.
Take a Hit! Press the button down and.

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