Ooze bongs 101: How to use a Rig?

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Ooze bongs 101: How to use a Rig?

Post by Vincent_Ayar » Mon Nov 21, 2022 4:16 pm

Ooze bongs have a unique look since the brand mixes high-quality borosilicate glass or quartz glass with colorful heat-resistant silicone.

Are ooze bongs good?
The most one could expect is a high-quality and effective product that offers comfort, consistency, and longevity — and that's exactly what you get! Perhaps the best argument for the Kettle Silicone Hybrid piece, however, is that this miniature bong is an absolute breeze to clean.

Are silicone bongs any good?
Silicone is an extremely durable, flexible material which can easily be formed into just about any shape. This makes it perfect for use as a bong. Bongs made from medical-grade silicone don't impart any nasty flavors to your smoke. Their easy to clean and extremely durable.

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