Ooze 101: vape pen and Plat carts compatibility

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Ooze 101: vape pen and Plat carts compatibility

Post by danny_hannawa » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:29 am

My friend gave me an ooze pen and some Platinum vape cartridges. They worked very well for a long time. But I just bought Plat cartridges, and they won't fit.

Fixed: I believe the magnetic bit from a cartridge was lodged in my Ooze pen. I dug it out, and now there is room for the cartridge to screw in.

Thoughts on Ooze batteries:
I have several cheap ooze pens and they work great.

What's the general opinion of Ooze batteries?
Ooze isn't a battery/cart manufacturer. We are a wholesale supplier for cheap headshop items like generic grinders, rolling trays, etc.

Im always seeing people complaining about ooze pens just go to the vape shop or gas station and buy a generic ego pen it works like a charm.

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