Is ooze pen weed or nicotine?

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Is ooze pen weed or nicotine?

Post by Vincent_Ayar » Mon Oct 17, 2022 4:26 pm

What Are Ooze Pens For?
Ooze Twist pens are for vaping THC/CBD oils.
The Ooze Slim Twist has become the go-to weed pen for many vapers.

Is an ooze pen for weed?

The Ooze Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer makes this process super easy with precise temperature control. Let's dive into other reasons it's our recommendation as the best portable vaporizer pen for weed!

Is dab pen the same as weed?

A dab weed high is just like the high that you get from smoking weed but the difference is that it is more powerful and more intense. A dab pen high is much stronger because dab weed is concentrated cannabis that can have four times the amount of THC compared to normal weed.

What kind of cartridge does ooze pen use?

If you like to fill your oil cartridges yourself, the Ooze Duplex vape pen for oil is the perfect option for you! This vape kit includes an empty oil cart that can be filled with your own concentrated oil. Plus, it is also compatible with all 510-thread oil, extract, essential oil, and delta 8 cartridges.

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