How many ooze quartz coils in the market?

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How many ooze quartz coils in the market?

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Thu Sep 01, 2022 9:00 am

How many ooze quartz coils in the market?
  1. Ooze Gusher Globe Quartz Dome Dual Coils
    The most common replacement part for all dab rigs and wax pen attachments are coils. Despite how well-made they are, dabs can really take a toll on the airflow and cleanliness of a coil.

    5 Dome Dual Quartz Rod
    Dual Quartz Glass Rods
    Titanium Coils
    Deep Ceramic Protector
    Optimal Airflow
    Weight: 0.05 lbs
  2. Ooze Glass Globe Dual Quartz Coils
    Ooze Globe Vape Pen Attachments are premium hand-blown glass attachments that provide incredible vaping experiences. The globe encases a dual quartz rod coil and thread attachment that screws directly on to the 510 thread battery. This 32-count counter display is an incredible value for your shop. The variety of shapes are eye-catching, and make perfect sense as vape pen battery add-ons, which you can display right next to the globes.


    8 Curved Neck Globes
    8 Ridged Neck Globes
    8 Long Neck Globes
    8 Double Bubble Globe
  3. Ooze domed dual quartz coil

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