How do you use ooze quad?

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How do you use ooze quad?

Post by Vladimir_ooze » Thu Sep 01, 2022 8:18 am

How do you use ooze quad?

The Ooze Quad battery is a 510 thread, 500 mAh vape pen battery with a square shape.
To activate preheat mode, click the button 2x. The Quad also has dual-port charging options. You can charge it with an Ooze USB charger that comes with your battery by screwing it into the top of your pen. The Quad can also be charged through the USB-C charger port located at the bottom of the battery.

The Ooze Quad battery new shape actually protects the cartridge.
More question about Ooze Quad Flex Temp 500mah Battery & USB Kit, please comment below.

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