The new Packwoods 510 threaded carts review by Kronik 352

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The new Packwoods 510 threaded carts review by Kronik 352

Post by vapeuk » Mon May 29, 2023 8:17 am

Packwoods 510 Vape Carts - ALL strains REVIEWED! :D
Kronik 352

Packwoods Cartridge Mimosa (Red):
Let's begin with the Mimosa cartridge, easily identifiable by its red color. The 510 threading makes it easy to connect to your device, and with a simple twist, it's ready to go. Remember to remove the little white plug before usage. The mouthpiece, made of silicone rubber, can be detached, so handle it with care. The headspace is sufficient, allowing you to see the oil level. When it comes to taste, the Mimosa flavor leans more towards the familiar weed profile with a slightly sweet and spicy undertone. The vapor production is good, and the effects are noticeable.

Packwoods Cartridge Bubba Diagonal (Blue):
Next up is the Bubba Diagonal cartridge, distinguished by its blue color. Similar to the Mimosa, it offers a smooth and hassle-free connection with your device. The headspace is adequate, giving you a clear view of the oil level. In terms of taste, the Bubba Diagonal stands out with its unique flavor profile. It offers a pleasing blend that sets it apart from the other flavors. The vapor production is satisfying, and the effects are equally enjoyable.

Packwoods Cartridge Lime-Paya (Green):
Moving on, we have the Lime-Paya cartridge, easily recognizable by its vibrant green color. Just like its counterparts, it features the user-friendly 510 threading. The headspace allows you to gauge the oil level effectively. When it comes to taste, Lime-Paya offers a subtle limey and sour note, which adds a refreshing twist. The vapor production is commendable, and the effects are on par with the other strains.

Packwoods Cartridge Gummy Bearz (Pink):
Lastly, we have the Gummy Bearz cartridge, characterized by its appealing pink color. Once again, the 510 threading ensures a hassle-free connection to your device. The headspace provides a clear view of the oil level, although there may be a slight bubble due to manufacturing. In terms of taste, the Gummy Bearz flavor doesn't precisely mimic gummy bears, but it does have a distinct weed taste with a touch of sweetness. While the initial pull may feel slightly clogged, subsequent hits are smoother. The effects are satisfying, and the vapor production is noteworthy.

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