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Pulsar Duplocart Vape Battery Unboxing | GoStoner Reviews

Post by jadis.montijo » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:41 pm

Before you buy the Pulsar Duplocart Vape Battery, please watch this video from gostoner.

Al Gore -ithm
I just purchased this and absolutely love it. I've been making my own carts via BHO. For some reason I cant get the carts to really put out a big cloud using batteries that uses magnets and I have 3 batteries. This duo is a screw in 510 no magnets at all and now all of these carts that I made that wouldn't hit like I wanted them too before, now hit and gives me massive clouds. The dual part is def helping but I truly believe the reason it hits better is because they are actually getting the true voltage the battery claims to put out. I think the magnets were causing degradation in voltage. The other reason I hits better is because it has a better airflow w out the magnet. I put dual delta carts in it and dual concentrate carts as well and I couldn't be happier.

When he said "you don't have to pull on this at all" he was spot on, this thing is perfect in every way. It's as impressive as he says.

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