How to check your Glo Extracts cart fake or not?

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How to check your Glo Extracts cart fake or not?

Post by gloextracts » Fri Mar 18, 2022 9:00 pm

If you want to buy one Glo Extracts cart, please read this thread.
The Quick glance on how to check your Glo Extracts cart fake.

Xxxkingtinyy's view:

#1 Where did you buy it?
Please be cautious on who you buy cards from. Some fake Glo extracts cartridges might be cheaper on the street.
And do not buy it from amazon or ebay platform.

#2 bubble test of the Glo Extracts cart
Flip it upside down now if the bubble

If the bubble move kind of slow, it's OK, not fake item.
If the btbble instantly go here and shoot right up, please trash it, and don't

#3 check the box
The boxes will come like a little shiny part. The box should have california labeling.
There is a number and the labor inside the box.

#4 check the letter on the cart
The bottom of the cart it should have Cell jupiter with some lettering.

Glo Extracts Real Vs Fake ( How To Tell ) - Xxxkingtinyy

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