Comparing Helio Supply Smart Range Battery and Lookah Load

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Comparing Helio Supply Smart Range Battery and Lookah Load

Post by hhcvape » Wed Jul 10, 2024 11:25 pm

Comparing Cart Batteries Under $25


Comparing Helio Supply Smart Range Battery and Lookah Load: Which Budget Vape Battery Reigns Supreme?

Today, I’m diving into a comparison of two popular 510 cart vape batteries: the Helio Supply Smart Range Battery and the Lookah Load. Both of these devices are priced under $25, making them attractive options for budget-conscious vapers. For transparency, Helio Supply sent me their Smart Range Battery for free, while I purchased the Lookah Load for $20. Despite this, I aim to provide an unbiased evaluation.

Features and Design
Both batteries feature USB-C charging, a must-have in 2024. The Smart Range Battery comes with a USB-C charger, which is a nice touch, whereas the Lookah Load, bought from a head shop, did not include any accessories.

A standout feature of the Smart Range Battery is its extensive temperature adjustability, ranging from 1.2 to 4.2 volts. This allows for precise fine-tuning to suit various carts and personal preferences. On the other hand, the Lookah Load offers three preset temperature settings. While this is generally sufficient, the full range on the Smart Range Battery is a significant advantage.

The Smart Range Battery also includes a pull counter, an interesting but non-essential feature. This could be useful for those curious about the number of hits they get from a cart.

Design-wise, the Lookah Load has a clean, metallic blue finish that is quite appealing. The Smart Range Battery, however, sports a retro tech look reminiscent of old Game Boys. While I find the Load’s aesthetics more pleasing, functionality trumps looks in my book.

For testing, I used both live resin and distillate carts. Starting at the lowest temperature, the Lookah Load produced good vapor but was slightly harsh. The Smart Range Battery, set at 2.2 volts, delivered a smoother hit with less vapor. Increasing to 3.2 volts, the Smart Range Battery offered excellent flavor and vapor production without harshness, while the Lookah Load became too harsh even at mid-level settings.

At the highest settings, the Smart Range Battery continued to impress with smooth, flavorful hits, whereas the Lookah Load became almost unbearable due to harshness.

The Helio Supply Smart Range Battery is the clear winner in this comparison, thanks to its extensive temperature control and smooth performance. Despite its less appealing design, its functionality is superior, especially for those who prioritize a smooth vaping experience without harsh hits. The Lookah Load, while not terrible, falls short in terms of versatility and comfort at higher temperatures. For under $25, the Smart Range Battery is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and customizable vape battery.

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