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5 Most Common Vaping Cartridge Mistakes - VapeHoneyStick

Post by nectarbee » Sun May 22, 2022 12:40 am

Do you know how to use nectarbee vape battery? Or any Common Vaping Mistakes have you made?
Read this post from VapeHoneyStick.

HoneyStick Tutorial on 5 Most Common Vaping Mistakes like turning vape pen on/off or fill cartridge
Thanks VapeHoneyStick

filling oil tank in the wrong hole
You have to be pretty careful not to fill it in the wrong hole.
Remove the top of a tank and you unscrew it.
You are actually supposed to fill it in the area in between the center shaft.
If you fill in center tube, the oil will going down into your battery or just completely clogging up your tank.

Vape pen is NOT compatible with sub ohm tank
If you want to vpaing a sub ohm tank like our extreme 2.0, please install it on a sub ohm mod.
All sub ohm tanks are NOT compatible with a non-sub-ohm batteries.
Because the electronics does not match up, even though they are both 510 thread, doesn't necessarily mean they're compatible.
The vape pen electronics don't pair up the resistance of sub ohm tank.

Turn on a buttonless oil vape pen

You have to click on the little style tip here five times to lock or unlock it.
Before you start vaping make sure you charge up your pen and unlock your pen.

Some oil cartridges do not work with auto draw battery
The auto draw battery has no button, it has a little hole that is actually a sensor.
The sensor of auto draw battery detects your inhale and tells the battery to turn on and at what power to turn on.

You need extra adapter with Some oil vape mods
Some oil vape mods do not design with a 510 thread adapter, like beekeeper 2.0
There is a unique magnetic adapter.

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