The UNI Pro review from a Yocan fan

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The UNI Pro review from a Yocan fan

Post by jerkovich » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:00 am

This thread from vape veteran, what's his thought on Ycoan latest mod?
Here wer go, the UNI Pro review:

Are you looking for a powerful mod that you can use with any pre-filled cartridge? The Yocan UNI Pro mod is just what you need. This is a box mod with all the features that you need to control your vaping experience. The device has a compact design, and it is easy to use. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vaper, the UNI Pro is a device that you will quickly fall in love with.

The Yocan UNI Pro Shape and Size
The size of the Yocan UNI Pro is perfect. It fits nicely in your hand or bag. It measures 75.5mm by 36.5mm by 25.7mm. The UNI Pro comes with a solid zinc alloy chassis, which means it is durable and lightweight. It weighs just 51g. The C-shape of the device and its rubberized finish makes it feel comfortable in hand.

The Yocan UNI Pro Battery
The Yocan UNI Pro comes with a built-in 650mAh battery. The battery can last you several hours or even a whole day, depending on how frequently you are vaping. The device comes with a micro USB cable for charging the device. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to recharge the battery. The UNI Pro does not support pass-through, so it is not safe to vape while it is charging.

The Yocan UNI Pro Features
Basic batteries like the Yocan UNI Pro do not usually come with an OLED screen. However, this device comes with one. The OLED screen shows the battery level as well as the voltage, resistance, and more. There are two buttons below the screen for controlling the settings of the device. The UNI Pro has a voltage range of 2.0V to 4.2V. This Yocan mod does not support adjustable resistance. The least resistance that works with this mod is 0.5ohm. The UNI Pro has a preheat function which you can activate by pressing the firing button twice. The preheat mode lasts for 10 seconds.

The Yocan UNI Pro mod can fit any 510 cartridge with a diameter of 14mm or less. There is a magnetic 510 threaded connection on the device for connecting your cartridge. There is a knob that you can push up or down to adjust the height of the 510 plate. There are three different height settings to choose from. Also, there is a dial at the top of the mod, which you can use to put a shutter-like collar around the cartridge to lock it firmly in place.

The Yocan UNI Pro box mod has safety features like a 15-second cutoff, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, and no atomizer protection.

The Yocan UNI Pro provides enough power to allow you to enjoy vaping oils, CBD, or nic salts e-liquids. This mod vapes smoothly, and it works with just about any kind of cartridge. The battery life is pretty good. You can get at least 200 puffs from the device before you need to recharge it.

The Yocan UNI Pro is available in different colors like black, white, silver, red, dark champagne, or airy blue. You can get the UNI Pro for only $35.99 at the Yocan official vape shop. Source: ... an-review/

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