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review the Ooze Duplex Vaporizer - vapesterdam

Post by GraceVape » Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:38 am

Today we are eager to review the Ooze Duplex Vaporizer. The name comes from this vaporizer’s defining feature: it is a dual extract unit that can handle waxes, oils, and e-juice! Not to mention it is extremely inexpensive for this type of design. Ooze already has some really cool products out, and we are excited to see how this one performs!

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Product Pros

Easy to clean
15-second heat up time for both wax and oil tanks
Portable and discreet
4 precise heat settings

Product Cons

Limited to dual quartz coil for waxes
The 1000mAh battery could be better

Ooze Duplex Review: Breakdown


Ooze Duplex front display

Build Quality

The quality and the build of the Ooze Duplex are quite impressive. Especially considering this product comes in at under $100USD. The Duplex is unique in that it uses magnetic technology. Actually, there are 2 metallic connections.

The first is the magnetic oil/wax tank. After filling with the product of your choice, drop it into the unit and turn the whole thing upside down. The tank stays put through magnetics! There is also a cool magnetic side panel that can be removed to show the LED charging lights underneath.

You can even hold down the power button through this cover, making it unnecessary to ever reveal what is underneath.

Vapor Quality

We tried out the Ooze Duplex using oil, wax, and even e-juice. This vaporizer blew us away in all 3 categories. At higher voltages the clouds are fantastic, and lower voltages will preserve the original flavors.

Speaking of, there are 4 pre-set voltages for your vaping pleasure: 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.0V. These precise temperature settings will have you producing consistently delicious vapor.


Ooze Duplex detached

Look and Feel

The Ooze Duplex is extremely appealing. The black unit and metallic magnetic pieces create a unique blend of classy and modern. Underneath the fancy chrome covering are the 4 voltage setting indicator lights. Each heat level is assigned an individual color.

The blue, green, orange and red colors correspond to the temperature you set the unit. When powered on or off, all 4 lights blink to create a nifty rainbow Christmas affect!

As soon as we picked up this little machine, we felt the quality. It is quite heavy for its size and felt solid in our hands.

Unfortunately, the wax tank rattles back and forth a bit when inserted into the unit. Luckily, this does not affect performance in any way. In case you were wondering, the tank will not fly out if you shake it too hard!


In terms of discreetness, the Ooze Duplex is one of the more inconspicuous dual extract units on the market today. In fact, you never have to take it out of your fist at any time during the vaping process.

The precise temperature control allows you to vape smaller clouds at lower voltages for more discreetness. Furthermore, the Duplex’s ability to process e-liquid provides quick cover after an especially smelly session.

As mentioned earlier, the magnetic strip on the side hides the LED lights underneath. We thought this made the Duplex look like a Zippo, especially when the magnetic tank is out. Did we mention both tanks are easy to remove and virtually indestructible? This allows for quick maneuvers in times of need.

Ease of Use

As far as dual extract vaporizers go, this is one of the easier designs to figure out. However, if you are new to oils or waxes it will probably take a couple rounds of practice. To turn on the Ooze Duplex, click the power button 5 times.

To toggle through the temperature settings, the magic number is 3. In the beginning, you may want to take off the metallic cover for a visual until you get the hang of it.


This little vape rocks at portability. Anyone old enough to use this vaporizer will be able to hide it in his or her palms. In terms of pocket stress, the Ooze Duplex boasts an extremely lightweight design.

In a purse, the little bit of extra weight isn’t noticeable. Even if you don’t remove the tank before throwing it in your bag, the magnetic technology ensures it will stay put. Source: ... er-review/

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