Why the Ispire Daab Vaporizer Stands Out in the Crowd

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Why the Ispire Daab Vaporizer Stands Out in the Crowd

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Why the Ispire Daab Vaporizer Stands Out in the Crowd?Read this review post from TYLER.

The Daab by Ispire is the latest entrant to a crowded field of electronic dab rig vaporizers. During our Daab review it was clear from the start Ispire’s design differentiates itself enough from the many brands that piled into the space blatantly copying the design of the Puffco Peak seeking to cash in on Puffco’s success. The Ispire Daab is an induction heated dab rig and uses Borosilicate glass cups instead of a conductive atomizer. The LED readout and user interface make it easy to operate without an app and its glass on glass make for amazing flavor.


The Daab comes in a large hard-shelled padded Pelican case. Everything fits nicely in its set compartment. Having multiple glass parts, this offers the utmost protection and easily doubles as a discreet carrying case for transporting your Daab Vaporizer.

The packaging would be best compared to the Dr. Dabber Switch but a hard case instead of branded cardboard. While the cases for the premium e-rigs have been really nifty, nothing compares to the Daab’s hard shelled case. It looks expensive, but more so for the manufacturer to produce and ship when compared to something like the automotive styrofoam used by the Boost Evo and Peak Pro. Ispire certainly did not cut corners on the packaging and getting a case like this is a serious bonus. Bravo Ispire.

The Ispire Daab breaks down into 4 main pieces. The neatest thing about the system as a whole is that there is no atomizer and besides the base it is all Borosilicate glass.

The base is made from a durable plastic which is both sturdy and lightweight, fitting in the hand and resembling a heat gun. On the base you will find the power button, LED screen, temperature up and down buttons and the USB-C Charging port.

On the top of the base there is the lighting area which displays the light indicator through your glass water chamber and the induction (heat) area where the reclaim and induction cups are placed.

At the bottom of the unit is the battery compartment which houses two removable 18650 batteries.

Daab Reclaim Cup is the large borosilicate cup which sits in the induction area and creates a barrier for your induction cup to mitigate any spills or splatter into the induction area.
Daab Induction Cup – The induction cup is made from borosilicate glass with internal Stainless Steel. This attracts the electro magnetic waves via induction heating. This is where you can cold load your concentrates before placing in the reclaim cup or load once it hits temp.

The Water Chamber / Glass Mouthpiece is the glass piece common on e-rig vaporizers where the water is input and vapor is drawn through. A bonus on the Daab is they input a fill limit line. Nothing fancy about this and these pieces are often updated with third party custom glass to provide better percolation and purification. Such an example would be the Ryan Fitt aftermarket custom glass for the Puffco Peak Pro. These customizations tend to be for the super serious dabber who is dabbing multiple times everyday. As someone who switches it up between herb vapes and edibles throughout the week, the OEM glass does the trick. Not to mention the glass on glass hits really smooth. And of course the custom glass often exceeds the cost of the vaporizer itself.

While not a main component, The extended carb cap is ideal for pushing your dab down into the chamber for hot loading. It is a long piece over an inch and is quite nice for the functionality of never getting your concentrates stuck on the side. And in the theme of the Ispire Daab it is made of borosilicate glass.

Ispire Daab Specs
Dimensions 9.75" × 3.5" × 2.25" (inches)
Weight 1.04 lbs
Temperature Range 250° to 800°F
Warranty 1 year
Daab Accessories
Ispire Daab Mat
Besides the main components mentioned above, the Ispire Daab comes with:
1 x Dab Mat / Mousepad with Directions
3 x Q-Tips
1 x USB-C Chord
1x Loading Tool
2 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
Spare Induction Cup (making two total)
User Manual
Nothing to really write home about here, except for this dab mat which has directions on it. This is a splendid addition for Ispire to include and the quick start directions are icing on the cake. Reading a giant manual when a new vaporizer arrives is generally the last thing anyone wants to do.

Using the Ispire Daab
It was nice to have the Daab come ¾ charged out of the box. This could vary case by case, but if you have some spare 18650 batteries laying around you can always throw these in and be ready to go. I would not say the Daab is the easiest vaporizer to use but it is not incredibly complicated either.

Fill up your glass mouthpiece. They include a fill line which makes it easy to avoid overfilling – a common error with water pipe adapters for vaporizers.

Place the reclaim cup into the induction area
Place the water filled mouthpiece into the lighting area
Load your dab now or once you place the induction cup into the reclaim cup
Hit the home button 5 times to power the Daab on.
Choose your temperature with the temperature up and down buttons
Place your induction cup into reclaim cup
Hit the home button two times to engage heat (automatic mode) or hold for duration (manual mode)
Begin drawing once unit begins heating or wait until it reaches desired temp. The LED lights will stop blinking and signal with three beeps for 30 seconds once desired heat is reached
Ensure any reclaim is cleaned out with a Q-Tip
Power down with 5 clicks to turn off
While the user interface on the Daab appears to be easy to use, it takes some sessions to nail it down. Out of the box I was confused if the unit was on still and how long the sessions lasted. The Daab does not power off automatically. It will go to standby mode. Part of the initial confusion was the long heat up times for the Daab. The only other induction e-rig I have used has been the Dr. Dabber Switch which is ready in 3-5 seconds even at the highest temperatures.

You can re-engage your Daab after your 30 second session is over by just pressing the home button two times again or you can dab with manual mode.

Manual mode – Press the home button with the unit powered on. Hold the button as long as you want to keep heat engaged or after your 30 second session has ended to bring your Daab back to temp to get any left over residual oil. If you do press this too long the Daab has a built in overheat sensor and will flash a “too hot” readout and disengage the heat.

Temperature Range
The Daab has quite the temperature range ranging from 250°F to 800°F. The temperature adjusts in 5 degree increments and you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius by pressing both temperature buttons simultaneously just as you do with the Volcano Hybrid or Mighty+.

From a cold start too 800°F it takes 38 seconds.

While it is nice to be able to dial in and see the temperature you are vaping at, I do wish the Daab showed the current temperature as it heats up. If you are vaping at 650°F, you input 650°F and it alerts you when ready. It does not show the climb to 650°F with the current temperature.

No Bluetooth
At the time of writing this Ispire Daab review there is no app. Currently it comes with V00.13 firmware. Ispire has stated they are looking into an app with no solid plans. From our point of view the device does not need one given the LED readout and intuitive control buttons. None of the dab vapes we have reviewed have the LED temp and battery read out, however Focus V is adding this feature to their upcoming release the Carta 2 Quantum.

Vapor Quality
The Daab’s flavor is really where this vaporizer shines. The glass on glass makes all the difference in terms of terp profiles coming through on this level. This is flavor throughout the session and even at 800°F that is not something I am getting with the Puffco 3D Chamber or Dr. Dabber Switch AlN induction cup – $500 set ups.

The Daab does a satisfactory job of pumping out clouds, but off of small couscous sized grains there certainly are better options if you want those lung busting hits. With cold loading, the long heat up time of the Ispire Daab makes it so you will get multiple tasty hits instead of one big one. If you want to prevent this we recommend loading your dabs after it has hit temperature but something about the induction cup not heating from all sides still makes the overall volume of vapor much less than with a standard conduction atomizer that gets super hot on the bottom.

If you prize clean flavor and a smooth texture over large clouds, the Ispire Daab is a must have vaporizer.

While the Daab runs at temperatures low enough to vape herb – DON’T. Running some at 325 °F immediately combusted and gave a gross hit leaving terrible flavor in the glass.

Battery Life
ispire daan batteries
The Ispire Daab will provide about 12-15 30 second sessions on a single charge. This will vary depending on temperature setting and if you manually re-engage to clear it out completely. Given the removable 18650 batteries and pass-through charging capability the battery life is not much of an issue.

The USB-C Charging cable will fully charge the 18650 in a little under two hours, but if you are in a hurry you can always utilize an external charger for faster charging. As always external chargers offer faster battery charging.
The Daab does not have an automatic shutoff. It will default to a standby mode. Oddly enough when reviewing the Daab I was unaware it was on after using it and the battery didn’t seem to be affected at all by remaining in standby mode overnight.

All glass is a double edged sword when it comes to cleaning. Certainly the cleaning is much easier but you run the risk of broken glass. You can use 99% ISO on all the parts without worrying about staining or which parts can be cleaned in ISO / 420 cleaner and which parts will have an adverse reaction.

As with all concentrate vaporizers it is best to clean off any residual when the unit is still warm but not so hot you burn your q-tip. Using a q-tip after your session to clean out the induction cup will also ensure optimal flavor next session.

Besides being able to dunk all the glass in 99% Iso you can also throw it all into boiling water or dishwasher. One of the many bonuses of being all glass. I clean my Ispire Daab with an iso bath, wipe the excess off and wash in water before finishing off in the dishwasher.

The Daab carries a one year warranty. If you are looking to try it out, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial in which you can use and return for a partial refund or lifetime trade-ins for store credit.

Ispire Daab Impressions
Ispire Daab Design
The Ispire Daab feels and looks alot like a science project. The whole thing is very sterile in appearance from the case to the glass. The display lights only switch between two colors and the device when you turn it on shows the firmware version on the LED screen. For me it is not a piece I would want to leave out on display as I do with other rigs like the Kandypens Oura which is very aesthetic to the eye. The Daab prizes function over allure.

My sessions with the Daab drove this impression of being a science class contraption home even more with the multiple glass pieces. There are alot of moving parts to the Ispire Daab and the sequence in which you must input your reclaim bucket, mouthpiece and then throw in the induction cup often felt like alot of steps when compared to throwing in a dab and using only one button like on most other electronic dab rigs.

The Daab’s user interface is its saving grace and where I have to mess around with all the glass, the ability to turn it on and see my temperature and battery life is great. The single button vaporizers I mentioned above always require crazy sequencing and I am at a loss when the error codes or temperature levels are given off via colored LED light sequencing instead of just telling me on a screen like the Daab does.

Ultimately the Daab is a solid vaporizer and the all glass concept gives off amazing flavor. Another added benefit is that it works as an induction heater for vaporizers like the DynaVap. Ispire does seem to take a more functional approach to designing their cannabis hardware as is seen in their other products such as the Wand induction heater. We are happy to see Ispire branch out from manufacturing vape pens and batteries into more higher end hardware like the Ispire Daab. If you like flavor chasing and clean smooth delivery, I would pick up a Daab Vaporizer.

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