Ispire Wand Review - Sneaky Pete Vaporizers

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Ispire Wand Review - Sneaky Pete Vaporizers

Post by Getispire » Sun May 22, 2022 7:21 am

Do you how to use the Wand with DynaVap? Read this review video from Sneaky Pete Vaporizers.

Ispire Wand Review - Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
The Wand by Ispire. The Wand is really a two-part system, the first part is the portable induction heater, and the second is the concentrate cup, which is specially designed to work with induction heating. It can also be used to heat a DynaVap, which it works exceptionally well for. Although it’s really designed for use with concentrate, Ispire also sells an optional flower induction cup as well, so it’s truly a multi-purpose system. I figured I would only want to use it as a DynaVap induction heater, but for someone like me who doesn’t do massive dabs, the system works really well for concentrate and gives you very predictable hits. I think with a little work they could really improve the flower induction cups, but it definitely has potential and they’re a great addition for anyone who wants to thermally extract flower on occasion. But is it the right device for you? Join me as we cover this and much more!

How to use the Wand with DynaVap?
The easiest and most consistent way I found to use the Wand with a DynaVap is to utilize the included banger. Just put the banger in the bottom and then hold it with a finger. Put the Wand on auto mode, and then just place your DynaVap into the banger to let it heat up.

How do you use the Ispire wand?
Simply inserting the glass banger cups into any water pipe is half the story. Insert your waxy concentrates into the cup and fit The Wand over the dish. For the easiest operation simply 'cold load' the wax into the dish and double click the power button to engage automatic heating.

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