Esco Bar 2500 PUFF Vape Review!

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Esco Bar 2500 PUFF Vape Review!

Post by escobar » Sat Mar 05, 2022 5:31 am

The Esco Bar vape by Pastel Cartel is a new popular device due to the incredible taste and powerful buzz it delivers.

DisorderVapes' view:
it's a classic design, just super clean design.

Esco Bar 2500 PUFF kiwi dragonberry flavor is freaking delicious.
The flavor on it is so good, so smooth too like probably one of the smoothest vapes.
Getting kiwi flavor kind of on the inhale and kind of leaves a little taste on your tongue.
But the dragonberry i don't know what a dragonberry is, something like the mythological berry.

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