Enter new Geekbar Flavours world - Bangla Vaper

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Enter new Geekbar Flavours world - Bangla Vaper

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New five Geekbar Flavours review - Bangla Vaper
Here we go enter new Geekbar Pro Flavours world.
  • the green mango
  • the grape
  • the passion fruit
  • lemon tart
  • the strawberry ice cream
New Geekbar Flavours device unboxing
Each device have a nice keeper with a plastic bag.
Just snap the plastic bag, get your Geekbar device.

Bangla Vaper's view:
The Geekbar pro green mango Flavour
If you love mango you'll absolutely love this Geekbar pro green mango Flavour.
The green mango coming such smoother and nicely, and the sweetness level is bang on point.
Some flavor gets sickly not too much sweetener, because obviously in everything we need a certain level.

By the way, if you taste a bad flavor disposable vape, go this article How to avoid burning your GEEKBAR disposable vape guide - Geordie Vape Man

The Geekbar pro trawberry ice cream Flavour
When you do the heat on the moment you feel the strawberry and the ice cream that's heating together the combination. It doesn't go too much so it feels nice.

The Geekbar pro grape Flavour
The Geekbar pro grape Flavou is a nice combination.
When you inhale you get that sweet bit touch and then when you exhale you get the great and the sweet feeling.
But it's not too sweet you.

The Geekbar pro passion fruit Flavour
The Geekbar pro passion fruit Flavou is little bit of sweet and little bit of fruits.
When you're inhaling get the sweet touch and touch of fruits coming but during the exhale
you get all together boom done you get the flavor.

The Geekbar pro lemon tart Flavour
The Geekbar pro lemon tart Flavour is very nice.

I was saying lemon tart even back in days four or five years ago.
We get the touch of the sweet bit and a touch of little bit of lemon and during the exhale.

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