Do you know IPLAY Vino Disposable Vape Device?

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Do you know IPLAY Vino Disposable Vape Device?

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Do you know IPLAY Vino Disposable Vape Device? If not, please read this thread.


Disposable Device
5% nicotine
1 Device per package
2mL of e-liquid
600+ puffs per device
*Equal to 3 JUUL Compatible Pods
Sweet Melon:

Gloat over every puff of this delectable, medium bodied sweetness, which perfectly imitates the fruit itself.

Snow King:

Allow the season of winter to overtake your senses like a refreshing vapor with every single inhalation, rendering a hard to resist minty taste.

Red Wine:

Sipping on the alcoholic beverage itself is a thing of the past, for vaping this non-alcoholic imitation will bring your senses everything they're looking for.

Pineapple Lemon:

This pungent masterpiece is designed to awaken the palate from its deepest slumber, allowing for hints of sweetness and a pronunciation of tart flavors to manifest within.

Grape Soda:

The popularity of the effervescent, saccharine joy has now extended past the drink itself and made itself manifest in the form of vapor in just the right ways.

Peach Ice:

Intermingle the tropics with the arctic, for this sweet joy brings about a wintry essence in order to refresh the senses for good.


Just like the juice, this luscious wonder brings the best of what sour and sweet essences combined possibly can.

Mixed Berries:

When one flavor is not enough, enjoy this product, which contains all of your favorite berries in one e-liquid.

Mango Ice:

Don't get carried away with the sweetness, for this blend features a refreshing kick to the senses that they won't ever resist!

Banana Ice:

Relish in the quintessential blend of sweet and wintry in one, featuring a saccharine fruity flavor, which is underpinned by a refreshing spirit that is simply irresistible.

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