Al Fakher Crown Bar Freebase Disposable Review by Madlads

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Al Fakher Crown Bar Freebase Disposable Review by Madlads

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Crown Bar Freebase Disposable By Al Fakher

What is Al Fakher?
Al Fakher is a globally acclaimed shisha tobacco company that tantalizes tastebuds worldwide with its high-quality hookah flavors.

How much nicotine is in Al Fakher shisha?
Al Fakher is renowned hookah tobacco that contains the typical amount of nicotine found in traditional shisha brands - 0.05%.

Where is Al Fakher made?
Al Fakher hookah tobacco is crafted in the United Arab Emirates with a love for tradition and an eye on modern innovation.

How to pack Al Fakher?
If you use a heat management device, start with a loose and fluffy initial pack so that the tobacco gently falls off your fingertips into your hookah bowl for optimal enjoyment. You can opt for semi-dense or even slightly fluffier layers when you're using foil.

Where to buy Al Fakher tobacco?
You can get your hands on it Al Fakher from a number of places - both local smoke shops and in many online stores.

How much coal is needed for a Al Fakher shisha?
Al Fakher hookah flavors are known to burn faster, so start your session with no more than three coals.

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