All FAQs of PAX 3 you should know

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All FAQs of PAX 3 you should know

Post by christina » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:57 am

Many fan ask the question about PAX 3.
So, we collect all FAQs of PAX 3 in this thread. If you have any further questions about this item, please comment below.
Our staff will reply you ASAP.
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Pax 3 vs Smoking
The Pax 3 uses conduction to heat marijuana without combusting. Smoke contains carcinogens, by eliminating smoke users are reducing their exposure to carcinogens. Vaporizing cannabis extracts 75% of the THC and cannabinoids without any of the toxins. Smoking destroys more than 70% of the THC and cannabinoids. Vaping gets your higher off less material.

How does Pax 3 works?
Cannabis is loaded into the oven and heated to produce vapor. The vapor travels through the airway and out of the mouthpiece.

How many hits will the Pax give?
This really depends on your taste and vapor preferences. If you stop when things start to get roasty/bitter, you’ll be getting 8-12 decent draws. If you don’t mind, or even ENJOY the more robust flavors of conduction vapor, you can get 15-25 nice draws with the Pax 3.

Where are Pax vaporizers made?
The Pax 3 was designed in San Francisco, CA and manufactured in China.

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